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4th August 2020

At the end of 2020 I noticed someone working in the gully that surrounds the church. I went and spoke to him, he asked if it was alright to clear the gully as it was getting overgrown.  


He then asked if I would mind if he cleared the ivy from the surrounding churchyard walls and do some tidying up.

He spent the next five months, virtually every day working on the entire churchyard, cutting down bushes, brambles etc and it now looks the best it has ever looked in the last 10 years.

He even uncovered some lost gravestones that have not been seen for many years.

It was of corse Ken Grocott from School Lane.

I would like take this opportunity to thank Dave Harper for his amazing help over the past 15 years mowing the grass,  as Dave has now moved away from Pyecombe the new Garden Volunteers ( Ken, Keith & Graham )

The Church are enormously grateful for all the hard work villagers do on a regular basis and especially for Ken who has spent an enormous amount of time dedicated to our new and amazing Church Grounds.

Betty & Sally

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