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Pyecombe Local Flora

Spring is a beautiful time around the village, particularly when the daffodils and crocuses bloom, and later in the season, the ancient woodland on Wolstonbury Hill is the prime habitat for carpets of bluebells. 

In the Summer time, wildflower meadows and rare flower species can be found around the village and on the Downs. Cowslips can be found in the Churchyard, Cow Parsley, Oxeye daisies and Poppies line the verges, and Wolstonbury Hill boasts several species of rare wild orchids, some of which are pictured. In the Autumn, blackberries and sloe berries line the hedges on the footpath up to Wolstonbury Hill, and by the time Winter has come around, Snowdrops are found in the Churchyard. 

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